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My name is Saif Alfalasi and I am an Emirati international Motivational Trainer & a Life Coach from the United Arab Emirates.

I Simply love to motivate, encourage, and inspire others to be themselves.

I completed my bachelor studies in Exercise and Wellness at Arizona State University in the United State of America.

Success had followed me everywhere right after when I started to discover who I really was and what I could do on my own.

To sum up all the above, I dream and wake up thriving to make my dream become a reality for my own.

Now, its time for me to show you to discover yourself and make your dreams become a reality.

“Stay who you are, if you failed stay who you are, and if you succeed stay who you are.”

Learn how to live with yourself first. Then try and live with others.

— Saif Alfalasi


People usually try, but they won’t keep on trying.”

— Saif Alfalasi

“Life is good for those who search for the good in life.”

Even parrots listen to you before they interrupt you.”

“Never expect from people but always accept them.”

Trust those who read the whole contracts. Not those who skip it.”

“I make peace with my own past, so when I meet my past i’ll feel peaceful.”

“Leave your old for the young ones, and use the gold of the old ones.”

“Nothing is worst than doing nothing when you have everything in front of you.”

“It’s simple. Many will pretend that they don’t know who you are until you become a star.”

Act as though you see it, because if you don’t see it you won’t feel it.


Founder and Chairman


“You are the right answer to your questions about yourself.”
The ability for individuals to self-develop themselves the way they want to live through constructions, instructions, and connections with their possible world. Despite any condition a person may be in, we believe that nothing can interfere with oneself choices or lifestyle but the person himself.


“We believe that all you need is you to be who you desire to become.”
Our satisfaction would be a result of seeing people do what they want. However they want, with whom they want, regardless of whatever possible obstacles they face in their life.



What’s Being Said About Saif ? 

Excellent presentation. More activities would be ‘Awsome’ and overall excellent
Anonymous Student, Pannselvanya State University
Workshop was so motivational, it helped me think about how I can deal with my fear, things in the future and how to achieve more!
Anonymous Student, University of Colorado Boulder
In my opinion, its the very first time when I join a seminar that I would enjoy so much! I felt like I had a boost in my confidence level. And I really enjoyed the examples that were used from the reality because I learned a lot from them. I hope for another seminar sometime soon!
Anonymous Student, University of Colorado Boulder
Workshop was so motivational, it helped me think about how I can deal with my fear, things in the future and how to achieve more!
Anonymous Student, University of Colorado Boulder
About your presentation, it was so cool. Like thats the first time that I’d enjoy a seminar. It’s not a boring seminar, and you really are a great speaker, you interact with your audiences very well, it’s fun, and I notice that you as a speaker is being stuck on your audience mind, because of the encouragement that you gave to them and I realize that after your seminar, your audience be like wow! Thats different, it is indeed extraordinary. It is like much more that you built a bond with your audience. I’ve attented a lot of seminar, it is either boring, out of topic, not interesting, and most of the times Im asleep. But for your seminar, I am amazed how you interact like that with your audience, how you make them laugh and giggle, how you share your positivity and energy. Seriously, after your seminar, I want more but theres no time, because for me as one of your audience, I see that you have more to say and share. All in all that seminar of yours is really amazing, whenever I remember that seminar, it makes me smile, and think of being postive at all times whenever and whatever happens around me. And of course yes! I do want you to come back for another speech.
Lhet-Lhet Uy, AMA University Philippines



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